he European Board Examination in Plastic Surgery is organised by EBOPRAS and is intended both as a quality mark, and to help in the harmonisation of standards in EU and UEMS member countries. Passing the EBOPRAS Examination does not give a right to work in a member country of the UEMS. Such rights are granted by the National Authority in each country.

Please note that EBOPRAS is no longer taking applications from surgeons who are specialists from countries which are not members or associate members of the UEMS.

You are advised to download and read the EBOPRAS exam rules and Information, which will answer most questions. This document is under revision, as the application process will change for 2018

Part 1 (MCQ) examination (held in Brussels).

This is held twice a year at the Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel in Brussels
If you wish to apply for Part 1, you first must register with EBOPRAS using the online form. This need only be done once.
You will need a good quality recent colour photograph (not a poor scan), and your passport details.

If you have applied already, you do not normally need to fill in another application, you only need to email exam@ebopras.eu
giving your candidate number, and the date that you wish to sit.

Date of Examination
Last date: online applications
Last date: receipt of completed papers
Last date for payment to be received

Part 2 (Oral) examination

This is held twice a year. The next venues and dates are below: To apply for Part 2, please email exam@ebopras.eu
giving your candidate number, and the date that you wish to sit.

Date of Examination
Last date for application
Last date for payment
Visa support letter requests
Limassol, Cyprus
Brussels, Belgium

Paying for EBOPRAS examination

  • Exam payments are now normally made using PayPal, unless you are in Turkey, where PayPal is closed, and payment will be by bank transfer. Our treasurer is Professor Paul Werker (treasurer@ebopras.eu), to whom any enquiries regarding payment should be made.

Important notes:

  • We may have to limit the number of candidates we can accept for a particular examination. We may have to close applications before the closing dates given above. If we have too many applicants, preference will be given to trainees from countries where the exam is accepted as part of the requirements for gaining specialist status.

If you have any questions, please read the rules and information, which will usually contain the information, before emailing us.

Rules and general information about the EBOPRAS examination may be downloaded here
EBOPRAS Examination Committee
March 2018
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