Welcome to the website of EBOPRAS, which is the working group of the UEMS Section of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

It receives funding (currently five Euros per full member per year) from the various national plastic surgical associations
which are affiliated to it through their membership of the UEMS Section. The delegates for EBOPRAS are normally the
same as those for the UEMS Section although the rules do permit them to be different. The delegate list may be
downloaded from this site. Delegates meet twice a year, normally in Spring & Autumn.

EBOPRAS has four committees:

The Education Committee is responsible for running the European Board examination in plastic surgery
held in Europe. It usually supports an annual Plastic Surgery Course aimed at senior trainees in
Plastic Surgery. It may also endorse other courses..

The Accreditation Committee is involved with training programmes for Plastic Surgery, and produces
recommendations as to their composition and duration, with the aim of harmonisation within Europe.
It carries out visitations of European training centres to assess their programme and grant recognition
where appropriate. It also tries to encourage exchanges and scholarships between centres.
A list of accredited centres is available on the website.

The Examination Committee organises the EBOPRAS examination. Details of the examination may be
seen in the appropriate page on this site. A list of all Fellows (these are Specialist Plastic Surgeons, who
have additionally passed the EBOPRAS examination) is available on this site.

The Specialty Issues Committee deals with all professional matters impacting the specialty.

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